Patrick Gregory used stolen conference call PINs and computer passwords to carry out his crimes

Incident Date: 1999
Incident Location: Houston TX USA

Patrick W. Gregory pled guilty in federal court on April 12, 2000 to a charge of conspiracy to commit telecommunications fraud and computer hacking. Mr. Gregory, also known by the alias "MostHateD", was sentenced on September 6, 2000 to 26 months in prison, three years of supervised release, and approximately $154,530 in restitution to his victims.

Over a two year period spanning 1997 through 1999, Mr. Gregory belonged to several hacker groups called "total-kaOs" and "globalHell". The group members sometimes communicated using conference calling services from companies like Sprint, AT&T, and MCI. However, the group members used stolen conference call PINs that would bill the services to other organizations. One AT&T bill was in excess of $4,200, and charges of $18,500 were made while using the Dallas Community College Districtís teleconference system.

Investigators say a major mistake by the globalHell group members was not disabling the conference call recording feature during some of their talks. These archived recordings provided prosecutors with some of their most damaging evidence against group members.

Mr. Gregory, a resident of Houston Texas, also trafficked in computer passwords and credit card information. He used these passwords to gain unauthorized access to computer systems throughout the U.S. and the world. After gaining unauthorized access to a computer owned by a Web hosting company, called, Mr. Gregory found files containing router passwords and banking information. He then modified the company Web page to brag of his hack and post the stolen information.

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