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Our Mission

This site is operated with several goals in mind. We aim to raise awareness of password problems among technical and non-technical computer users. Our site identifies the threats to passwords, provides real examples of authentication attacks, and offers advice to combat these challenges. Whether the password is eventually replaced in the future or not, we want it to provide better security to people in the present.

We also seek out and collect the research of security professionals writing about practices for password and authentication system management. Our comprehensive libraries of research papers and statistics offer you access to a large number of relevant authentication studies. We want to promote better use of the existing body of knowledge as well as new collaborations between those in the academic and commercial circles.

The PasswordResearch.com Web site went live in June of 2002. Today our objective is to continue serving you as the most valuable source of password information on the Internet.

About Bruce K. Marshall

Bruce K. Marshall is a researcher and consultant dedicated to improving the application of authentication technologies, products, and good practices. He founded PasswordResearch.com to better share the password information he was collecting.

Mr. Marshall's industry experience includes work as a Senior Security Consultant for Security PS, Principal Consultant for INS, and a Distinguished Member of Consulting Staff at Lucent Technologies. Among his accomplishments are the completion of the CISSP, NSA-IAM, CISA, and MCSE: Security certifications. He has served as an information security specialist in projects for large businesses like Microsoft, American Express, and Sprint PCS, as well as smaller organizations.

Mr. Marshall also conducts his own research on passwords and related authentication practices, the results of which are both published on this site and regularly presented at security conferences. He has shared his insights at dozens of conferencess such as SANS, Black Hat, BSides, InfoSec World, and PasswordsCon. In addition, his expert commentary has been featured in articles by news organizations like BBC News, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Infosecurity Magazine, and Ars Technica.

Contact Us

Members of the press or security industry peers can contact Mr. Marshall through email at bkmarshall [@t] passwordresearch [d0t] com. You can also follow him on Twitter @PwdRsch.

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