Study Title: MORI Survey - Security Fears Over Online Banking

Study Publisher: MORI, commissioned by RSA Security
Study Date: May 21 2003
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Study Overview:
The independent MORI research included quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups to test specific security solutions. Questions were placed on MORI's weekly Omnibus, the regular MORI survey among the general public. A nationally representative quota sample of 1,972 adults was interviewed in-home throughout Great Britain by MORI. Interviews were conducted across 192 different sampling points between 20-24 March 2003. Two focus groups were held in central London with 25-40 year olds, ABC1 social grade and those who use a mobile phone. Group 1 was made up of online bankers, some of whom had shopped online. Group 2 comprised non-online bankers who use the Internet.

Statistics From This Study:

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