What type of biometrics are USAA customers using for online banking app authentication?

Study: A World Without Usernames, Passwords? It's Coming, Says USAA Exec
Date: February 16 2016

Gary McAlum, a Senior Vice President and the Chief Security Officer for USAA, discusses the use of biometric authentication for their mobile banking application:

"We have almost 1.3 million members actively enrolled in and using biometric authentication. About 88% of them are using TouchID for fingerprint recognition, about 7% are choosing to primarily use facial recognition and a small percent are using voice."

PasswordResearch.com Comment:
The number of biometric enrollments seems to comprise about 10% of USAA customers based on their published total of 11.4 million members at the end of 2015 (https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/about_usaa_corporate_overview_financial_strength)

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