An Efficient Password Authentication Scheme Based on a Unit Circle
Authors: Horng-Twu Liaw, Chin-Laung Lei

Date: April 1995
Publication: Cryptologia, Volume XIX, Number 2
Page(s): 198 - 208
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Abstract or Summary:
In this paper, a password authentication scheme based on a unit circle encoding is proposed. In our scheme, a one-way function and a cryptographic operation such as DES (data encryption standard) are adopted. Besides, in our scheme, the system only need to store a master secret key, and each user can select his own password freely. Instead of storing a password verification table inside the computer system, our method only has to store a corresponding table of identities, which is used by the computer system for validating the submitted passwords. Owing to this scheme the system can quickly and efficiently respond to any log-in attempt, and is suitable for real-time applications. Furthermore, in our scheme, the system does not need to reconstruct any term of the existing key table, when a new user is inserted into the system. Thus, our scheme is suitable for practical implementation. Note: A one page abstract of this paper appears in Computers and Security, Volume 14, Number 3, and available at

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