SlidePIN: Slide-Based PIN Entry Mechanism on a Smartphone
Authors: Huiping Sun, Shuaiying Guo, Ke Wang, Nan Qin, Zhong Chen

Date: December 2014
Publication: 7th International Conference on Passwords (Passwords14 Trondheim)
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Abstract or Summary:
SlidePIN is a PIN entry mechanism based on slide input method combined with a random numeric keypad. As slide input method ensures higher usability and security, a random numeric keypad introduced, at a slight cost of usability, conspicuously enhances the security of SlidePIN. As an indirect entry mechanism, SlidePIN keeps users away from additional computation or memory burden. Theoretic analysis and experiments show that SlidePIN performs effectively against one-time shoulder surfing attack and better than 4-digit PIN mechanism against multi-time shoulder surfing attack. Note: Video of presentation:

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