HighEnd Reconfigurable Systems for Fast Windows’ Password Cracking
Authors: Kostas Theoharoulis, Charalampos Manifavas, Ioannis Papaefstathiou

Date: April 2009
Publication: Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Symposium on Field Programmable Custom Computing Machines, FCCM '09
Page(s): 287 - 290
Publisher: IEEE
Source 1: http://www.ccrc.wustl.edu/~roger/565M.f12/05290900.pdf
Source 2: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/FCCM.2009.48 - Subscription or payment required

Abstract or Summary:
One of the most efficient methods for cracking passwords is the one based on "rainbow tables"; those lookup tables are offering an almost optimal time-memory trade-off in the process of recovering the plaintext password from a password hash generated by a cryptographic hash function. In this paper, we demonstrate the first known system, implemented in a state-of-the-art
reconfigurable device that cracks passwords up to 1000 times faster than the software approach. This is achieved by using a highly parallel architecture employing a fine-grained pipeline.

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