A Password Authentication Scheme Based on Discrete Logarithms
Authors: Tzong-Chen Wu, Chin-Chen Chang

Date: December 1991
Publication: International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Volume 41, Number 1-2
Page(s): 31 - 38
Publisher: Gordon & Breach Science Publishers
Source 1: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00207169108804023 - Subscription or payment required

Abstract or Summary:
Inspired from the Diffie-Hellman key distribution system and the ElGamal's digital signature scheme, we propose a password authentication scheme in this paper. By the implementation of smart cards, a user can originate a login request without revealing his possessed password in an insecure channel. Without any verification table, our scheme can verify users' login requests easily. A timestamp is also embedded in users' login requests against the potential attacks on replaying previously intercepted login requests.

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