Brother of slain solder struggles with Hotmail to gain access to the deceased's email

Incident Date: December 2004
Incident Location: Ramsey MN USA

When soldier Dave Cedergren died in Iraq during September of 2004, his brother Barry mourned the loss of his family member. But as the executor of his brotherís will, Barry also had to delve into Daveís financial assets and obligations.

It was during this process that Barry determined some important information resided in a Hotmail email account belonging to his deceased brother. Barry tried guessing the account password but failed to find the right one. The published Hotmail privacy policy provided no guidance on possible options when an account holder dies and family members need access.

Finally, after three weeks of aggravation, Barry convinced Hotmail to provide him with access to the account. To respect his brotherís privacy Barry promised not to go through personal emails and focus on finding only the financial information he needed.

Story Sources

Title: Military Families Struggled Over Loved One's E-mail
Date: 12/24/2004
Publication: WCCO Channel 4
Publication Location: Minneapolis MN USA
Publication URL:

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