Supervisor's password used to steal at least $50,000 from casino

Incident Date: December 2003
Incident Location: Louisiana USA

Six employees were arrested and six more are wanted in connection with a yearlong slot machine scam that netted at least $50,000 in losses. The scam involved at least the dozen employees of Casino Rouge in Louisiana who used a supervisorís password to override a slot machine and issue themselves tickets that could be redeemed for cash. Normally the password would only be used by the supervisor to issue the tickets when the slot machine failed to register the winning match of a customer.

Employees kept the individual winnings under $1,199 to avoid triggering a requirement for the casino to record their personal information for tax purposes. An investigation was started on December 27, 2003 when an internal audit highlighted the difference between registered winnings and paid winnings. No information was available as to how the employees initially obtained the supervisorís password.

Story Sources

Title: 6 arrested, 6 sought in skimming case at Casino Rouge
Author: Josh Noel
Date: 1/9/2004
Publication: WBRZ
Publication Location: LA USA
Publication URL:

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