Many West Australia government agencies fail to implement adequate password security

Incident Date: November 2003
Incident Location: West Australia Australia

Government computer systems in West Australia are failing to take proper computer security measures for the third consecutive year, according to the Report on Ministerial Portfolios. The report, from West Australian Auditor General Des Pearson, says that systems, which are responsible for supporting essential State services, are too susceptible to attack, fraud, and natural disasters. It was published by the Auditor General on November 25, 2003.

More than 80% of the agencies audited in the 2002-2003 timeframe had what auditors deemed inadequate password security. This appears to be a growing problem since only 54% of agency password security controls were deemed inadequate in 2001-2002, and 66% were deemed inadequate in 2000-2001.

Story Sources

Title: Report on Ministerial Portfolios at November 25, 2003
Author: Des Pearson
Date: 12/3/2003
Auditor General of West Australia
Publication Location: West Australia Australia
Publication URL:

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