Keystroke capturing software used in Internet café leads to theft from online banking account

Incident Date: November 2004
Incident Location: Mitaka Japan

Tatsuyuki Akiyama of Mitaka Japan was arrested by police for allegedly stealing money using a captured online banking password. Mr. Akiyama placed keystroke logging software on a computer in an Internet café. When another patron used the computer to access their online bank account Mr. Akiyama’s program captured their username and password.

Mr. Akiyama later used the credentials between June and July of 2004 to access the person’s bank account and transfer around 360,000 yen (approximately US $3,400 at the time of the story) to a bank account registered using a third person’s name.

Story Sources

Title: Man arrested for stealing with password from PC at Net café
Date: 11/5/2004
Publication: Japan Today
Publication Location: Japan
Publication URL:

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