Hacker Raymond Torricelli collected and cracked more than 76,000 passwords before getting caught

Incident Date: 1998
Incident Location: New Rochelle NY USA

Raymond Torricelli, AKA "rolex", was sentenced in federal court on September 5, 2001 to four months in prison, four months of home confinement, and $4,400 in restitution for a number of computer crimes, some of which involved breaking into NASA computers. Mr. Torricelli, a resident of New Rochelle, NY, previously pled guilty to the five separate charges on December 1, 2000.

The crimes against NASA occurred in 1998. Mr. Torricelli also admitted that he had intercepted usernames and passwords transmitted over the network of San Jose State University. Investigators found that Mr. Torricelli’s personal computer contained more than 76,000 stolen passwords which he had used to gain unauthorized access to other computers or to access the Internet for free. When he obtained passwords that were encrypted, he would use the John the Ripper password cracking software to determine the plaintext password.

Story Sources

Title: Hacker Group Leader Arrested for Breaking Into NASA Computers
Date: 7/12/2000
Publication: US Attorney Press Release
Publication Location: NY USA
Publication URL: http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/cybercrime/torricelli.htm

Title: Hacker Sentenced in New York City for Hacking into Two NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Computers Located in Pasadena, California
Date: 9/5/2001
Publication: US Attorney Press Release
Publication Location: NY USA
Publication URL: http://www.cybercrime.gov/torricellisent.htm

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