Jerome Heckenkamp pleads guilty to crimes involving the unauthorized use of captured usernames and passwords at eBay and Qualcomm

Incident Date: 1999
Incident Location: CA USA

Jerome T. Heckenkamp of Los Angeles pled guilty in federal court on January 29, 2004 to two counts of gaining unauthorized access and recklessly damaging computer systems, in violation of 18 USC Section 1030(a)(5)(B).

Mr. Heckenkamp admitted that he gained unauthorized access to eBay computers during February and March of 1999. He then defaced an eBay Web page and installed programs on eBay computers that captured usernames and passwords. He later used these passwords to gain unauthorized access into other eBay computers.

In addition, Mr. Heckenkamp confessed that he had gained unauthorized access to Qualcomm computers in late 1999. Once again he used this access to install programs that captured usernames and passwords, which he then used to gain access into even more Qualcomm computers.

His other crimes included unauthorized forays into the computer systems of Exodus Communications, Juniper Networks, Lycos, and Cygnus Solutions.

Mr. Heckenkamp faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment, a fine of $250,000 (or twice the victims’ gross losses), a three year term of supervised release, and restitution to victims.

Story Sources

Title: Man Pleads Guilty to Gaining Unauthorized Access and Recklessly Damaging Computers of Several High-Technology Companies …
Date: 1/29/2004
Publication: US Attorney Press Release
Publication Location: San Francisco CA USA
Publication URL:

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