A profane computer generated password is sent to an insurance company customer

Incident Date: July 2002
Incident Location: Norway

A Norwegian insurance company issued an apology to a man for assigning him an obscene computer password. P&C Insurance sent the man a letter inviting him to visit a personalized area on its Web site. The letter also contained his user name and the computer generated password "trrekukk", which roughly translates to "wooden penis". The password was generated in part from the customerís name.

The 31 year-old man told the Norwegian newspaper Telemarksavisa that the password "doesnít bother me, but an older person would surely have reacted. Itís an untraditional password."

Jack Frostad, the information chief at P&C Insurance, said "This was really bad and we offer a groveling apology. We have implemented a mechanical block for taboo words and hope it won't happen again."

Story Sources

Title: Insurance firm issues unusual password
Author: Nick Farrell
Date: 8/27/2002
Publication Location: USA
Publication URL: http://www.vnunet.com/News/1134591

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