What actions people take after forgetting a Web site password

Study: Attitudes and Behavior Towards Password Use on the World Wide Web
Date: October 11 2000

If you have forgotten a password, check off any of the following that applies to you (n=125):
  • 30.4%
  • I've looked up a password from a list of passwords that I've created
  • 60.8%
  • I've used the web site's features for retrieving my password (for example, have the password emailed to me, asks a question which only I know the response to)
  • 20.0%
  • I've e-mailed or telephoned customer support to get my password
  • 40.8%
  • I've created a new account on a site instead of trying to remember my password
  • 36.8%
  • I've stopped using a site because of a forgotten password

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