Percent of organizations with established processes for account creation and password management

Study: Ernst & Young Global Information Security Survey 2004
Date: September 2004

Process adoption:
  • 94%
  • A unique user account has been established for each individual authorized to use the system (Effectivenes: 4.18)
  • 88%
  • Users are required to change passwords on a regular basis (Effectiveness: 3.98)
  • 83%
  • Unauthorized use of user accounts is enforced by passwords that are difficult to guess (Effectiveness: 3.71)
  • 93%
  • Each user is limited to accessing only the information they need to perform their job duties (Effectiveness: 3.92)

    The effectiveness rating refers to the reported value of the process on a 1 (low) to 5 (high) scale.

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