Hyppocrates: A New Proactive Password Checker
Authors: Carlo Blundo, Paolo D'Arco, Alfredo De Santis, Clemente Galdi

Date: 2004
Publication: The Journal of Systems and Software, Number 71
Page(s): 163 - 175
Source 1: http://www.dia.unisa.it/dottorandi/paodar/papers/pdf/jss-subm-web.pdf
Source 2: http://www.dia.unisa.it/dottorandi/paodar/papers/ps/jss-subm-web.ps

Abstract or Summary:
In this paper we propose a new proactive password checker, a program which prevents the choice of easy-to-guess passwords. The checker uses a decision tree, constructed applying the Minimum Description Length Principle and a Pessimistic Pruning Technique. Experimental results show a substantial improvement in performance of this checker compared to previous proposals. Moreover, the whole software package we provide has a user-friendly interface, enabling the system administrator to configure an ad hoc password proactive checker, in order to satisfy certain policy requirements.

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