Password Cracking 201: Beyond the Basics
Authors: Royce Williams

Abstract or Summary:
"Are you a password cracker ... or do you just crack passwords?" -epixoip

My goal with this talk is to help occasional, casual, and non-specialist practitioners bootstrap themselves to the next level of password auditing.

After briefly touching on the basics, I will cover some common pitfalls, some non-obvious assumptions made by the experts, and other lessons from my pursuit of password cracking as a dedicated discipline.

Key takeaways include specific cracking techniques, perspectives on cracking culture, and ways to advance further under your own power.

Prerequisites: Previous experience with cracking tools (hashcat, John the Ripper) and concepts (brute force, masks, rules, keyspace, etc.) is helpful, because we won't spend a lot of time on the basics. But anyone interested in learning more about password cracking is welcome! Note: Video of presentation:

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