A Future-Adaptable Password Scheme
Authors: N. Provos, David Mazieres

Date: June 1999
Publication: Proceedings of the 1999 USENIX Annual Technical Conference
Page(s): 81 - 92
Publisher: USENIX
Source 1: http://www.usenix.org/publications/library/proceedings/usenix99/provos.html

Abstract or Summary:
Many authentication schemes depend on secret passwords. Unfortunately, the length and randomness of user-chosen passwords remain fixed over time. In contrast, hardware improvements constantly give attackers increasing computational power. As a result, password schemes such as the traditional UNIX user-authentication system are failing with time.

This paper discusses ways of building systems in which password security keeps up with hardware speeds. We formalize the properties desirable in a good password system, and show that the computational cost of any secure password scheme must increase as hardware improves. We present two algorithms with adaptable cost--eksblowfish, a block cipher with a purposefully expensive key schedule, and bcrypt, a related hash function. Failing a major breakthrough in complexity theory, these algorithms should allow password-based systems to adapt to hardware improvements and remain secure well into the future.

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