Crafting Tailored Wordlists with Wordsmith
Authors: Sanjiv Kawa, Tom Porter

Date: August 3 2016
Publication: Passwords16 Las Vegas
Source 1:

Abstract or Summary:
Standard wordlists such as Uniq and Rockyou are great when used with a variety of hashcat rules and big hash sets. But what about the hashes that you aren't able to crack? And what about smaller hash sets from smaller targets?

Queue Wordsmith, a tool that creates wordlists that are tailored to the target. Based on the targetís U.S. State, Wordsmith creates geo-location based wordlists that contains the names of cities, landmarks, roads, sports teams, zip codes, area codes, popular names and more. Generated wordlists can be used by themselves or as a supplement to other wordlists for brute force attacks or hash cracking. Note: Video of presentation:

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