1999 Token and IT Authentication Market
Authors: Chris Christiansen, Nora S. Freedman, Brian Burke, Charles Kolodgy

Date: November 2000
Publication: IDC Bulletin #23270
Publisher: IDC
Source 1: http://www.idc.com - Subscription or payment required

Abstract or Summary:
Traditional tokens hold a well-established position in the authentication, administration, and authorization (3A) market. Strong market acceptance is estimated to occur by 2001 or 2002, so the peak of the traditional token market is yet to come. By 2003, biometrics will increasingly be embedded in high-end laptops, settop boxes, and mobile devices. However, the token market will maintain its dominance because customers will agree to pay higher prices for strong levels of one-time password generation and challenge/response authentication. Smart cards should remain popular for non-IT uses, but they are not predicted to serve as a strong form of hardware authentication.

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