ACCESS: Describing and Contrasting Authentication Mechanisms
Authors: Karen Renaud, Melanie Volkamer, Joseph Maguire

Date: June 22 2014
Publication: Second International Conference on Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy, and Trust (HAS 2014)
Page(s): 183 - 194
Publisher: Springer
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Abstract or Summary:
The password the almost universal authentication solution yet is buckling under the strain. It demonstrates insufficiency and weakness due to poor choice, reuse and ease of transfer. Graphical passwords, biometrics, and hardware tokens have been suggested as alternatives. Industry has, unfortunately, not embraced these alternatives. One possible explanation is the complexity of the choice process. To support authentication decision-markers we suggest a framework called ACCESS (Authentication ChoiCE Support System) which captures requirements, consults a knowledge base of existing authentication mechanisms and their properties, and suggests those mechanisms that match the specified requirements.

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