Debunking Graphical Password Myths
Authors: Jeunese Payne

Date: December 2015
Publication: 9th International Conference on Passwords (Passwords15 London)
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Abstract or Summary:
There have been numerous attempts to replace or re-design knowledge-based authentication. Despite these endeavours, driven by known usability and security weaknesses, traditional password-based systems have remained ubiquitous. Graphical passwords have emerged and re-emerged in different forms as a proposed solution. The broad argument is that such passwords should be easier to remember, easier to use, and more secure. Psychological jargon is often used to justify these claims, but what does the real psychology suggest?

This talk discusses the truths and half-truths on the psychology behind graphical passwords. Topics covered include the picture superiority effect, recall, recognition, knowing versus remembering, and their associations with graphical passwords. Note: Video of presentation:

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