Markov Chains & Other Statistical Password Attacks
Authors: Dimitri Fousekis [rurapenthe]

Date: July 2013
Publication: Passwords13 Las Vegas
Source: Currently no known Internet copy of paper.

Abstract or Summary:
The presentation will provide the audience with an explanation of what Markov attacks are, how they work, and the mathematical explanation behind them. It will then switch focus to using Markov and other statistical attacks for password cracking.

The target audience for this talk is primarily experienced users, who focus on using statistical approaches to cracking passwords. In particular, this talk will focus on Markov attacks, explaining what it is, how it came about, and what it means for password cracking. Various live demos will be included to demonstrate the power of using this approach in password cracking.

Additionally, other available statistical methods for building wordlists will be presented. The aim is to have people leave knowing what Markov is, and what those attacks mean for the passwords they choose themselves, and in their organisations. Additionally, those interested in cracking passwords will be able to use tools to generate statistics and perform these types of attacks. Note: Video of presentation:

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