Pass-Sentence -- A New Approach to Computer Code
Authors: Yishay Spector, Jacob Ginzberg

Date: 1994
Publication: Computers and Security, Volume 13, Number 2
Page(s): 145 - 160
Publisher: Elsevier Science
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Abstract or Summary:
This article presents a new approach to constructing and identifying computer codes. The new methodology is based on conceptual processing of natural language using a ‘pass-sentence’ instead of a password. The focal point of the methodology is the use of a code based on semantics as opposed to the syntax-based codes in use today.

This method has the following advantages: it is (1) significantly more memorable; (2) able to control the level of data security; (3) flexible in permitting different levels of access; and (4) less vulnerable than passwords to most commonly used code-breaking techniques. A computerized prototype based on the principles of a conceptual coding methodology is presented. The prototype is only an example of the many possibilities inherent in developing ‘intelligent’ models for understanding and identifying conceptual computer codes.

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