Shoulder-Surfing Resistance with Eye-Gaze Entry in Cued-Recall Graphical Passwords
Authors: Alain Forget, Sonia Chiasson, Robert Biddle

Date: April 2010
Publication: Proceedings of the 2010 SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI '10
Page(s): 1107 - 1110
Publisher: ACM
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Abstract or Summary:
We present Cued Gaze-Points (CGP) as a shoulder-surfing resistant cued-recall graphical password scheme where users gaze instead of mouse-click. This approach has several advantages over similar eye-gaze systems, including a larger password space and its cued-recall nature that can help users remember multiple distinct passwords. Our 45-participant lab study is the first evaluation of gaze-based password entry via user-selected points on images. CGP's usability is potentially acceptable, warranting further refinement and study.

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