Travel Routes or Geography Facts? An Evaluation of Voice Authentication User Interfaces
Authors: Alina Hang, Alexander De Luca, Katharina Frison, Emanuel von Zezschwitz, Massimo Tedesco, Marcel Kockmann

Date: September 2013
Publication: Proceedings of the 14th IFIP TC 13 International Conference, INTERACT 2013
Page(s): 468 - 475
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
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Abstract or Summary:
Fallback authentication based on voice recognition provides several benefits to users. Since it is a biometric method, there are no passwords that have to be remembered. Additionally, the technique can be used remotely without the user having to be physically present. We performed stakeholder interviews and we iteratively designed and evaluated different voice authentication user interfaces with a focus on ease-of-use. The main goal was to keep embarrassment low and to provide an interaction as natural as possible. Our results show that small changes in the interface can significantly influence the users’ opinions about the system. Note: Additional unlisted author is Heinrich Hussmann

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