User Authentication through Typing Biometrics Features
Authors: Livia C. F. Araujo, Luiz H. R. Sucupira Jr., Miguel G. Lizarraga, Lee L. Ling, Joao B. T. Yabu-uti

Date: July 2004
Publication: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Biometric Authentication, ICBA 2004
Page(s): 694 - 700
Publisher: Springer
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Abstract or Summary:
This paper uses a static typing biometrics in user authentication. The inputs are the key down and up times and the key ASCII codes captured while the user is typing a string. Four features (key code, two keystroke latencies and key duration) were analyzed, and, seven experiments were performed combining these features. The results of the experiments were evaluated involving three types of user: the legitimate, the impostor and the observer impostor users. The best results were achieved utilizing all features, obtaining a false rejection rate (FRR) of 1.45 1.89 authentication when the password is no more a secret. This paper innovates using the combination of four features to authenticate users.

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