An Anti-Shoulder Surfing Mechanism and its Memorability Test
Authors: Lim Kah Seng, Norafida Ithnin, Hazinah Kutty Mammi

Date: October 2012
Publication: International Journal of Security and Its Applications, Volume 6, Number 4
Page(s): 87 - 96
Source 1:

Abstract or Summary:
To improve security of mobile device graphical password towards shoulder surfing attack, an anti-shoulder surfing mechanism called Painting Album Mechanism is proposed. This mechanism is constructed based on concept of painting album, and it is consists of three input schemes called Swipe Scheme, Color Scheme, and Scot Scheme. In this paper, usability of this mechanism have been verifying with the memorability test. 30 respondents were authenticating with these three input schemes with multiple authentications. Results were showing Painting Album Mechanism is usable since respondents were succeeding in recalling theirs passwords in acceptable period of time.

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