Hidden Bits Approach for Authentication in RFID Systems
Authors: Marek Klonowski, Krzysztof Majcher, Wojciech Macyna, Filip Zagorski

Date: June 2012
Publication: Proceedings of the Workshop on RFID Security - RFIDSec'12, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Source 1: http://rfidsec12.cs.ru.nl/docs/pre-proccedings/paper19.pdf

Abstract or Summary:
We present an authentication scheme designed for tiny and strictly constrained devices like RFID-tags. Authentication is based on the symmetric key shared between a tag and a reader. While a tag needs to perform only simple operations in order to authenticate: to pick n=2+b random values and then to compute XORs of some values, a reader needs to try 2b possible values to check if a tag replied correctly (b is small). At the same time eavesdropping adversary after r executions of the protocol needs to solve a system of rk-multivariate quadratic equations over GF(2) with nk + rb variables. We present a security discussion of proposed solutions.

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