Design and Optimized Implementation of Rainbow Table with GPU
Authors: Quan-a Jin, Da-Wu-a Gu, Jian-Jie-b Zhao

Date: 2011
Publication: Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Volume 45, Number 07
Page(s): 1006 - 1011
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Abstract or Summary:
This paper proposed a new implementation of Rainbow table algorithm on GPU. Utilizing the GPU’s powerful SIMT capacity, the algorithm greatly improves the performance of Rainbow chain generation by dispatching the pre-computation of Rainbow chain to each GPU thread and accelerates the execution efficiency of online attack through the newly introduced pre-computation chain. The running time of pre-computation on GPU (Tesla C1060) outperforms that on CPU (Core2 Duo 2.8 GHz) by 41.2 times, that is 110×106 times DES encryptions per second; and the running time of online attack, 3.52 times faster. Based on the new hardware system, we obtain the 40 bits keys of DES in 2.73 seconds on average with successful rate of 46% by using 1.3 GB hard disk space.

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