Cracking Associative Passwords
Authors: Kirsi Helkala, Nils Kalstad Svendsen, Per Thorsheim, Anders Wiehe

Date: 2012
Publication: Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Conference on Information Security Technology for Applications NordSec '12, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 7617
Page(s): 153 - 168
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Abstract or Summary:
Users are required and expected to generate and remember numerous good passwords, a challenge that is next to impossible without a systematic approach to the task. Associative passwords in combination with guidelines for the construction of ’Word’, ’Mixed’, and ’Non-word’ passwords has been validated as an effective approach to creating strong, memorable passwords. The strength of associative passwords has previously been assessed by entropy-based metrics. This paper evaluates the strength of a set of collected associative passwords using a variety of password-cracking techniques. Analysis of the cracking sessions shows that current techniques for cracking passwords are not effective against associative passwords.

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