At PasswordResearch.com our aim is to consolidate the important password and authentication security research in one place. We do this to promote better use of the existing body of knowledge as well as encourage new study collaborations. Over the past decade our site has become a key resource for authentication research papers, statistics, standards, and user practices.

We encourage you to read, share, and consider contributing to the publications and projects hosted here.

Authentication Research Papers

The Authentication Research Paper Index is an ongoing effort to compile and share a comprehensive, but curated, index of password and authentication related research papers produced by academic and industry experts. These studies of human behavior and innovative system improvements offer insights into more effective practices and technologies for the future.

Authentication Statistics

The Authentication Statistics Index provides a quick way to find answers to popular questions like "How often do other organizations require employees to change passwords," or "What percentage of businesses are using smart cards". You'll currently find hundreds of useful statistics that can be browsed by category, topic, and source. Take a look and see if the data helps you make your case for strengthening authentication practices.

Authentication Stories

Our Authentication Stories Index provides historical examples of authentication crimes, incidents, and practices. This chronological index can help give perspective to the type of authentication threats and impacts that are faced by organizations today.

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