PasswordResearch.com is the password and authentication security focused Web site of the Password Research Institute. Our site is quickly becoming a key resource for password research, standards, and awareness in the information security industry. We encourage you to read, share, and consider contributing to the publications and projects hosted here.

New PasswordResearch.com Reports

Presents the important authenticator characteristics that determine the effectiveness and value of deploying an alternative to passwords.

A brief explanation and diagram of the authentication system components in the basic authentication model.

Authentication Statistics

The Authentication Statistics Index provides a quick and way to find out answers to popular questions like "How often do other organizations require employees to change passwords," or "What percentage of businesses are using smart cards". You'll currently find 150+ useful statistics that can be browsed by category and topic. Take a look and use the data to help you make your case for strengthening passwords or implementing better authenticators.

Authentication Research Paper Index

We just placed the finishing touches on the Authentication Research Paper Index. Our objective for this project is to compile and share a comprehensive, but moderated, index of password and authentication related research papers. Check it out and make use of some of the great research produced by industry experts.

Recent authentication research paper highlights:
  • How Does Your Password Measure Up? The Effect of Strength Meters on Password Creation
  • All Your Face Are Belong to Us: Breaking Facebook’s Social Authentication
  • Correct Horse Battery Staple: Exploring the Usability of System-Assisted Passphrases
  • The Quest to Replace Passwords: A Framework for Comparative Evaluation of Web Authentication Schemes
  • Authentication Stories

    Our Authentication Stories Index provides both a timely and historical view of password or authentication crimes, practices, and events. This chronological index can help you understand the type of authentication threats and impacts that are faced by organizations today.

    Current authentication stories of interest:
  • Stolen customer passwords leads to theft of 32,000 records at LexisNexis
  • 35% of IRS employees fell for password social engineering tests
  • University students suffer offensive email originating from an account with a shared password
  • Woman loses $35,000 when purse thief guesses her bank card PIN

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